6 Reasons Why Digital Artifacts will be Your Flex in the Metaverse

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Right now, everyone is talking about Metaverse. As we all know, last month, Facebook rebranded itself as Metaverse. It is the "next big thing," a "step in the future," and "eternity forward in the matrix, '' as some might say.

NFTs or "Non-refundable tokens" have earned much popularity, and that almost sky-rocketed in terms of price as well. You can trade NFTs and cryptocurrencies on Metaverse in real-time.

With all the big things happening around in the "Metaverse," moving forward. How does one prepare oneself? What will hold the most value in the wake of these advancements?

Digital Artifacts

Artifact is a term used in archeology for any object that humans, such as a tool, have given shape. As Wikipedia explains it, "undesired or unintended alteration in data introduced in a digital process by an involved technique and technology."

Let's look at the importance of digital artifacts from the perspective of Metaverse and NFTs.

Digital Artifacts will be your FLEX

As Mark Zuckerburg announced in his speech, Metaverse will allow people to communicate in their 3D avatars and digital representations. Hence, all things graphics-related, digital artifacts such as avatars,3D models, and representations have become relevant to the future of the internet and its evolution.

1. Milestone of Future

3D avatars, models, and digital representations are set to be the future that comes along with Metaverse. Hence, digital artifacts will determine a great deal in the future. Digital artifacts could become an identity of the person or product.

2. Augmented Reality

Metaverse aims to transform cyber interaction and revolutionize the internet completely. Augmented reality or AR is an immersive experience where you can see virtual objects in a real-world environment. Metaverse plans to bring Augmented reality into our daily life and routine interactions, such as video calls over the internet.

Sandbox, Decentraland, and Cryptovoxels are some of the top platforms that will allow users to express themselves in interactive ways. These platforms have confirmed that they will allow users to integrate NFTs and flex their wearables and other digital artifacts.

3. Digital Identity

Mark Zuckerburg said in his keynote video that Metaverse, alongside project Cambria, will be using Virtual Reality to transform the boundaries and limitations of technology. In Metaverse, your avatar can make eye contact and interact with people. Avatars will be able to mirror facial reflections as well. Hence, in Metaverse, every person will have their own identity, and combined, it will become Metaverse.

4. Fashion and Clothing

When is fashion not about flexing? In Metaverse, NFT space is a fresh new avenue to explore for fashion brands who will take advantage of digital artifact creation.

5. Physical NFTs

Even though we are talking about digital artifacts here. Several digital studios have already started to create physical NFTs, selling at unimaginable prices. This is flexing at its best.

6. Potential and Value

Metaverse is still in the very initial stages. Thus, some cool digital artifacts are surely meant for flexing. Additionally, as time passes and more and more people will move over to the platform, the worth of digital artifacts will increase in the future.

In Short

Digital artifacts are valuable technology items in the coming metaverse evolution alongside NFTs. Hence, several digital studios are investing in NFTs, and the trend seems to increase in the future.

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